I walked away from the very thing that hurt me & had to remember myself because I forgot who I was. I remember me now. Behind every great woman is a great man, life didn’t deal me a good deck, but I’m working on building those books to win this game of life called spades!

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Maybe it’s that you’re afraid that keeps you from being mine,
Maybe it’s because we’ve both been hurt,
Maybe it’s just best we take our time.

But what if time keeps passing,
And you shall find another,
Give her your heart,
& forget I was waiting.

I’d be left to mend this crushed heart by myself,
While you’re giving your all to her,
Basically saying fuck me,
Downing myself.

Leaving me with agony,
To rebuild my self esteem,
To answer all these questions,
Riddle me this:

What did she do different that I didn’t?
Was she more pretty?
Or was it because you’d thrown me out like an old pair of sneakers?

Maybe I won’t ever get those answers,
I just wish you the best,
Pure happiness,
& nothing but luck.

As for me,
I’m left to build myself back up,
Work harder,
Educate more,
& close myself off from the rest while in fear of being hurt or left again.

-M. Cakez

Men think that because I’m an exotic dancer, that I’m just going to get naked for them. No, it’s not that easy—I get paid to get naked & if there’s no dollars I’m not showing every inch of my body naked. I do have respect for myself despite my lifestyle. That just pays my bills, don’t try and come at me sideways, this lifestyle isn’t easy, no it’s not. We as exotic dancers embark upon a lot of situations everyday & these are some of the few.

They think that if they get your number that they are entitled to receiving naked photos & videos. They don’t understand that when you’re paid to get naked, it’s impossible to get naked for another guy without no money in hand & I’m not talking about a $1 bill. I’m talking about bills higher than that.

It’s not easy being an exotic dancer in the African American view. We, are infatuated with having a fake ass, titties, & to be made up like a clown face. Yes, I do wear light makeup such as mascara, and I define my brows & maybe a little lipstick but I hate a clown face. I’m just being honest though.

Most feel as though since they strip they can become a “model”. Let me clarify this, having ass shots, breast implants & a tummy tuck does not make you a bad bitch. It makes you a fake bitch. Excuse my language but it saddens me as to how many exotic dancers think they’re a bad bitch. Then they post photos of them working out as if they worked for that body, no you went under the KNIFE or NEEDLE for it.

Don’t false advertise anything unless you actually went through sweat, tears and burning joints for it.

Now this waist training fad, ladies it DOES NOT work. It’s HARMING your internal organs by pushing them in so that they won’t be able to breath. It may help lose inches but nothing is permanent without the right diet and workout.

I’d rather workout 4-5x a week than to wear a waist cincher for 4hrs a day with hopes of having a small waist. Everyone is infatuated with the small waist lifestyle when Photoshop is still existent. Stop changing your image.

Too much make up, ass shots, tummy tucks, waist shapers are proof that you’re ashamed of your image. Being an exotic dancer should be temporary, not permanent. For those whom make it a career for 10 plus years, please wake up and be aware that the body you had at 18 won’t be the same forever. After while, that lifestyle catches up with you.

I started being an exotic dancer at 20 years old & I would have never guessed that 3 years later id still be back and forth in it. If I subtract the time I’ve taken away from being one, I’d get a year & a half. This is not going to be my career, I’m just using it to get me through college & get a degree. In this new society, there’s no chill button. I have ran into teachers & old professors in my workplace & god knows I was afraid but that’s my bread and butter and I don’t let my outside life corrupt with my work life. Maybe that’s just me.


Too often we are taken advantage of & used by the ones that claim to love us most. After while it’s up to you to say no. - M. Cakez



Updated my photos! :)

Riia’s Raw Vegan Mint Chocolate Fudge Cookies

These cookies were inspired by Girl Scout Thin Mints! They have a fudge like consistency but I find that it makes the flavor richer! Hope you enjoy!

1/4 cup Cashews
1/4 cup Walnuts
1/4 cup Oats
1/4 cup Chocolate chips (any type…semi sweet, carob, cacao, etc)
1/8 cup Cacao powder
2 tbsp Agave nectar
1 tsp Peppermint Extract

How To:
In a food processor, blend together cashews, walnuts, oats, and chocolate chips until they form a floury texture. Add in cacao powder, agave nectar, and peppermint extract. Process again until dough forms. Shape batter into cookie or truffle shape. Refridgerate. Enjoy! :)

Definitely making these tomorrow. Raw fooding is too easy.

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Super super meal prep Sunday!! Had a busy day but I don’t let that get in the way of my prep session. It’s SO important to plan your ahead, it keeps you on track and it’s SO convenient. Trying new recipes this week which are just absolutely delicious (mini taste test 😜). I’ll post pics up of these later http://ift.tt/1f5NOCl